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Limited Warranty Policy

What is covered by this Limited Warranty?

This Limited Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in your Tiertime-branded products, including Tiertime-branded Equipment and Spare Parts.

Tiertime may request defective Spare Parts or Equipment to be returned to us in exchange of replacement parts, in which case Customer will be responsible for all charges when shipping Spare Parts or Equipment to Tiertime.

What is not covered by this Limited Warranty?
This Limited Warranty does not cover:

  • Computer Program, which is used to connect or control Tiertime-branded Equipment
  • Normal consumable or expendable parts (such as filament, nozzle, fuses, lamps, air filter) or tools kits
  • Non Tiertime-branded products and accessories

          Problems that result from:

  • Use of non Tiertime-branded, non-approved or non-licensed Consumables in the Equipment
  • External causes such as accident, abuse, misuse or problems with electrical power, air conditioning, humidity control or other environmental conditions. 
  • Accident, transportation, neglect, misuse, abuse or default of or by the Customer, its employees or agents or any third party, including but not limited to broken or cracked plastics
  • Use of third-party computer program to connect or control Equipment
  • Modify, decompile, adjust, change or crack Tiertime’s Computer Program to connect or control Equipment
  • Any fault in the Equipment and Spare Parts caused by the failure of any products or components not supplied by Tiertime
  • Servicing not authorised by Tiertime and Inventadore.
  • Usage that is not in accordance with product instructions.
  • Failure to follow the product instructions or failure to perform preventive maintenance.
  • Problems caused by using accessories, parts or components not supplied by Tiertime
  • Any attempt by any person other than Tiertime personnel or its Authorised Service Provider or any person authorised by Tiertime (via the telephone or otherwise), to adjust, repair or support the Products.
  • Products with missing or altered service tags or serial numbers
  • Products for which Tiertime has not received payment
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Act of God, lightning, fire, flood, war, act of violence or any similar occurrence

How long does this Limited Warranty last?
This Limited Warranty lasts for the time period are listed below:

  • Limited Warranty of Tiertime-branded Equipment carry a base 1-year Standard Limited Warranty.
  • Extended Limited Warranty of Tiertime-branded Equipment is 1-year that shall be seamlessly started from original Standard Limited Warranty or previous valid Extended Limited Warranty. Customer can purchase at most two years’ Extended Limited Warranty.
  • The warranty for a print head that included as original Equipment is for Spare Part only and is effective for a period of 90 days after the date of purchase of the Equipment.