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There are four major phases in design & prototype development

Phase 1 - Due Diligence
Due diligence is essential in the development of any new technology. Whether you are an inventor or an investor, gaining the knowledge and foresight of technological feasibility is key to ensuring success.
By performing due diligence, we will assist you to:

  • Evaluate the feasibility of the proposed technology;
  • Assess the existence of competing technologies and development efforts;
  • Evaluate the technological requirements to meet product objectives;
  • Assess risks and identify potential pitfalls;
  • Establish the technology development plan, and
  • Evaluate development costs, manpower requirements and infrastructure requirements.

Phase 2 - Proof of Concept
A proof of concept is developed to demonstrate the feasibility of the features and functionalities which are deemed to be on the critical path of a project, effectively overcoming the risks and potential pitfalls identified during the due diligence stage.
It is during the proof of concept stage that the bulk of the intellectual property is developed and formalised, and that the technology's functions and behaviours are independently, or integrally, demonstrated.

Phase 3 - Functional Prototyping
A functional prototype, often called a proof of value, is developed to demonstrate the entirety of the functions, behaviours and usability experience the technology needs to embody, at a performance level as near as the final product should perform.
The purpose of a completed functional prototype will be to undergo alpha testing to evaluate performance, usability and the need for functionality redesign or refinement.
During the functional prototype development stage, the products functionalities takes precedence over the form and format the final product is set to adopt.

Phase 4 - Production Prototyping
The objective of a production prototype is to create an assembly which encompasses all desired features and functionalities in a form and format which is true to the desired product.
A production prototype is developed for future mass manufacturing, in accordance with industry standards and made in similar facilities. As a result of the production prototype development a material build list, a list of suppliers & manufacturers and estimate mass production costs and lead time is also produced.

Prototype Development Phases


Inventadore has the in-house resources, manpower and capabilities required to create designs and prototypes that meet your needs and expectations, without any compromise.

Our design and prototyping team specializes in :

  • Industrial design
  • Product design
  • Fashion accessories design
  • 3D computer graphics design
  • Enclosure & Packaging design

The design development journey starts with your ideas and ends with a fully functional product or prototype that meets your needs and expectations. Along the way we will assist you with intellectual property development, and help you deliver the products or prototypes you need to succeed.