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3D Printer Repair & Servicing  

Terms & Conditions

3D Printer Faults:
We can fix most of the common 3D printer faults:

  • 3D Printer head Clogging, extruder filament jamming, air printing.
  • Prints not sticking to the build plate, rafts peeling off.
  • Print too Stringy or too many blobs.
  • Ripples or Cracks on the surface, poor layer adhesion.
  • Support material too hard to remove.
  • Poor performance on different layer heights or speeds restricting use only on a few settings.
  • Very Noisy 3D printer with grinding, screeching and rumbling noises while 3D printing.
  • Garbled 3D Print, the printer extrudes random plastic out.

Should you have noticed your printer does not generate the quality of 3D prints it used to before, it might need a little service.
In most cases servicing alone takes away most of the problems with a 3D print.

Using our repair service indicates you have read, understood and agree with the terms and conditions here.

How we repair 3D Printers:
You can drop off at our showroom or ship the 3D printer to us. We will repair or service it as per our discussion with you.
You can rest assured there will be no surprise bills.
Unlike some companies, we will not replace every component without your permission then send you an invoice that costs more than a new printer.

Our Charges for 3D Printer Servicing and Repair:
We would be happy for you to courier the 3D printer over.
We welcome you to come drop off the printer, however we do not currently offer a ‘repair while you wait’ service.
The assessment fee is RM60, which is waived off when you accept the quotation for Repair & Servicing.
If the fault is very minor that it is fixed in the process of assessment itself, then that is done for you in the assessment process itself at no extra cost. Just make a payment for the assessment fee and you have a working 3D Printer.
Any additional servicing/repair is done at RM60 per hour, with a minimum charge of 1 hour per machine.
This means you will usually pay us at least RM60 when you send the printer over, plus any shipping fees etceteras should it applies.
Please note that the costs above are subject to change after quote validity without notice.

Any conditions that have been specifically discussed supersede these general conditions, however anything not specifically mentioned will be as per the applicable conditions here.
If the printer has serious faults and is deemed uneconomical to repair, we will offer you the option of buying another printer from us.
Should you do go ahead with that, we will waive off the above quote fee.
We usually take 1-2 days for the quote stage, and the parts may take a couple of days for delivery from the manufacturer if they are in stock.
If they are not in stock, there can be a wait.
We will keep you informed at every stage of the process.

Warranty on parts and labour
In most cases, we warrant the repair for 3 months, but if the problem re-occurs due to a different issue being the cause, that is not covered. That will be a separate issue and will be charged for separately.
If an issue is found that we deem unrelated to the fault fixed, it will be a separate repair.
Even if the symptoms of the fault are the same, but the cause is different, warranty will not cover it.
If we deem the re-occurrence of the problem to be due to incorrect use, misuse, abuse or excessive wear and tear after repair, the warranty does not cover it.
For example, if we replace the nozzle, and then find that a new one is needed in 3 months because of clear signs of wear and tear, that is not covered by warranty.
If we find that the printers were poorly calibrated and completely misaligned, then that is poor operating practice.
Our warranty does not cover any faults caused by incorrect use of the 3D printer.
Not all printers support all materials out of the box.
For example, Some materials may damage the machine, or cause the extruder to jam, or cause a nozzle choke.
In such cases, after we fix it, if the same was caused by repeating the process, the warranty does not cover it.
Some UP 3D printers are consumer or desktop grade (home office class) devices. Any commercial use voids warranty as these devices are not meant for such heavy use. The prosumer or industrial grade UP 3D printers are fine for such use, we look at them on a case by case basis.
Attempting to fix the problem without first consulting us also voids warranty immediately.
We work in a fair and manner way in all matters of business and request the same in good faith from our clients.

Return Courier Charges
You are welcome to pickup the printer, please contact us to ensure it is ready for you.
We can also courier it back to you for a nominal fee. The costs can vary for large or small machines, however for most common 3D printers, the estimates are usually :
RM212 for UP BOX+
RM150 for UP mini 2
Shipping can sometimes cause calibration and levelling to change due to external forces, despite us doing it here.
If that is a concern, we welcome you to come pickup the printer.
Otherwise it is usually a very simple procedure to level the 3D printer bed upon receiving it.
Please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions.